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Bulk SMS Marketing for generating leads and improving sales opportunities for businesses.

Dedicated Support Team

SMS marketing can be a powerful tool in India with a huge upside, but most organizations use SMS inappropriately. We help brands use digital SMS platforms to engage customers and achieve business goals. SMS marketing is a primary tool in the digital marketing domain.

SMS Solutions for Business

160msg connects SMS initiatives to automation and lifecycle marketing processes to ensure that leads, advice and customers receive timely, targeted, segmented, appropriate and helpful communications that move them deeper into the engagement process.

Bulk SMS India  Service Provider.

We at 160msg is a B2B SMS Service Provider in India based in Pune and Maharashtra. We help companies improve SMS marketing, lead nurturing, lead generation, and sales automation to achieve growth goals. Inbound and digital marketing is our vocation. We build campaigns, technology, design and websites that strengthen our customers' positions in the marketplace.

How can I get and start bulk SMS campaign?

  1. Step 01: You have to register and create your account from our SMS Marketing Portal by providing your information and verifying yourself through a one-time password verification system.
  2. Step 02: Once your account is created you will receive a login id and password credential for sending SMS campaign.
  3. Step 03: You can start sending bulk SMS using default Sender ID or you can get approved Sender ID for a private brand to display your company or brand name.

    Finally in this way you can start with Bulk SMS and promote your business to reach the potential customer.

Web Based Solution

Whether you are looking for 1-to-1 messaging or individualized our bulk SMS company in India, 160msg.com has the ideal Web-based solution for you. bulk SMS service provider in India is the fastest and economical mode of communication these days! 160msg.com offers All India Bulk SMS plans with the lowest cost. Our service is based bulk SMS covers every GSM and CDMA networks operating in India including Vodafone, Airtel, Idea!, Reliance Jio, BSNL, MTNL and many others.

User-Friendly Features

SMS messages using your Internet browser, With 160msg, bulk SMS company in India, your business communication is always live, available on the move and can be accessed from anywhere in the world using our bulk SMS service provider in India website. Web to SMS has several user-friendly features for sending SMS messages using your Internet browser.

New & Improved Bulk SMS Platform

The 160MSG SMS marketing Provider platform has been designed with simplicity and eases to use in mind. The SMS Portal system will make managing and sending your SMS marketing campaigns like air. SMS Marketing is a proven method to be successful in business means of advertising in today’s era. It is a perfect way for business owners looking for a simple and effective way to reach their potential customers. SMS marketing is also considered to be relatively cheap marketing in India as it is done via SMS Portal which is are well known for its Return on Investment (ROI). Surveys show that the average SMS marketing solution ROI for 2018 is rupees 50 for every 1 rupee invested.

What Our Exisiting Customers Say.

160MSG.com have been excellent in SMS Service Provider in India the process is very simply so I can understand it, and they also have provided me meaningful guidance Very good & kindly communication which is very important for me.

Madhuri Datta
Business Owner

They provided us with the expert assistance and practical advice for identifying the target customers that could be improved to increase quality customer response and convert into the sales. 160msg.com offer the highest quality at the lowest pricing possible.

Devendra Raheja

I can 100% depend on 160msg.com SMS Delivery to manage my marketing needs. My organisation is limited by time and money. It makes me feel a confident their SMS network operator are very good, I am a regular customer contacting for new ideas and suggestions for making business more better.

Ahmed Ansari

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is SMS Marketing and Why should use it?

SMS marketing is a way of reaching more customers at once to encourage them to do business with you. This approach builds audience trust through SMS, thus increasing the sender’s credibility and getting that sender closer to their desired goal - Bulk SMS marketing is a powerful way to turn leads into customers and customers into loyal brand recognition. This seems to me the right definition of BULK SMS Marketing. We think Investing in SMS marketing is sure worth it — as long as every Business should do it right.

How do I grow my SMS subscriber list?

Bulk SMS Marketing is only as successful as the SMS list. A large SMS list doesn’t automatically equal success, though so make sure that you’re growing your SMS Subscribers with the right audience.

How do I figure out what to write about?

If you’re not writing SMS campaign that your audience cares about, you won’t get their response, even if you do send the SMS at right time. The SMS should be directly deleted and written in a short so that they make it quickly readable and easily respond you!

What are the laws of SMS marketing?

It’s really good to SMS people you personally know them. However, some SMS lists might include people from bought SMS database or lead generated services (which you should generally avoid). We don’t recommend buying SMS Database because there are Indian Govt. laws for DND in place to protect people from receiving certain types of SMS from an unknown business.

How often should I send BULK SMS to my customers?

The best way to send BULK SMS between 11 am to 4 pm as they are on the best time and day to send SMS. The optimal frequency to contact your subscribers is 1 to 4 times a month or once a week. This is the frequency we use for our customers to inform them about our updates, and our clients see very good results with a twice-a-month SMS schedule.

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